Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Top Bible Aids now on Review

"King James Version Bible Commentary" by Ed Hindson

This book is the best Bible commentary among others than have the same format. This edition, though only discusses the King James Version of the Bible, can still be used together with other bible translations that readers prefer. This book will literally interpret every single verse of the Bible and this is done in an easy-to-understand manner. I have other Bible commentaries but I always refer to this one whenever I need a good interpretation on a particular Scripture verse. I simply cannot recommend this particular commentary high enough.

"The Hayford Bible Handbook" by Jack Hayford

I believe Jack Hayford to be one of the best Bible scholars and teachers we have in the Body of Christ today. Again, this book from Mr. Hayford is another one of my personal favorites. In the first part of the book, he interprets every line of Scripture for you. In the second half of the book he has very good definitions, commentaries and full explanations for many of the keys words and phrases that are found in the Bible. This is another great book that I cannot recommend highly enough. This man is truly a genius in God with the wealth of information and knowledge that he has on the Bible.

"Tyndale Bible Dictionary" by Walter Elwell

Contrary to what its name suggests, 'Tyndale Bible Dictionary" is not just a fine dictionary. More than defining key words of the Bible, it also gives commentaries on many of these entries. Thus, it answers the fundamental questions of readers and students alike. I can guarantee that users of this this book will get a clearer picture of what happened in Jesus' time and the years before and after His death, and how all these relate to our lives today. Pictures and maps illustrating the way things were in those times are complement the stories.

"Believer's Bible Commentary" by Arthur Farstad

I find this book by Arthus Farstad an important body of work. Presented in a clear language, this book has helped me understand the Bible better because of its line by line interpretation of the stories. At 2,383 pages, it could very well contain almost all the information you need to help you interpret the Scriptures. I use it all the time with the "King James Version Bible Commentary" for a more comprehensive view of the past.

"Holman's Concise Bible Commentary" by David Dockery

This book is a smaller, more concise type of Bible commentary, but don't let the smaller size of this particular book fool you. It is loaded with very good commentary on all of the main verses from Scripture. This is the third main Bible commentary I have in my own personal God-library and I use it in conjunction withthe above two Bible commentaries mentioned above. It is only 681 pages in length, but there is a lot of valuable knowledge and revelation in this shorter commentary.

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